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Residential Commercial Chandeliers Pressure Washing New Construction Bird Control Solar Panels

Control Bird Pests in Southern CA

  • Pest birds and their droppings are unsightly and can create health related problems!
  • Bird droppings cause millions of dollars in property damage every year!
  • Pest birds and their droppings can spread over 60 transmittable diseases to people and animals.
  • Pest birds increase maintenance costs and liability risks!
  • Protect your property - permanently, humanely and discreetly with your Bird-B-Gone authorized installer!

Bird Spikes

bird spikes

  • Prevent birds from nesting/roosting on ledges, roof peaks, I-beams, sills, etc.
  • Ideal for pigeons, seagulls, starlings and most pest birds.
  • Lowest cost!
  • 10-year guarantee!
  • Virtually invisible!

Bird Wire

bird wire

  • Low Cost, low profile solution to prevent large birds from landing.
  • Ideal for ledges, sills, etc. Where birds have been temporarily resting.
  • 5-year guarantee!

Bird Netting

bird netting

  • Most permanent, low visibility,solution for all types of pest birds.
  • Provides total exclusion.
  • Industry leading 10-year guarantee! Rot proof, water proof
  • Ideal for warehouses, eaves, airline hangars, vents, awnings, signs, etc.

Shock Track

shock track

  • You can't see it…birds HATE IT!
  • Easy to corner…no need to cut and reconnect!
  • "Flow-Through" design WILL NOT dam water behind it!
  • Does not harm birds!

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