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Solar Panel Washing

In recent times, with the increasing popularity and wisdom of installing Solar Panels we are increasingly being asked to clean Solar Panels. Cleaning Solar Panels on private residences can present a real problem for the homeowner. The pitch of the roof can create a hazard to the homeowner and the relative fragility of the Solar Panels dictates that cleaning a Solar Panel must be left to the experts. We are those experts. Our expertise includes huge expanses of Solar Panels on the roofs of large commercial buildings with flat or pitched roofs. Private residences with regular and sometimes steep pitches. Solar Panels installed on the ground usually on a steep bank. We have a wealth of experience. Solar Panels will lose 40%, yes, 40% efficacy when Dirty. Our recommended cleaning frequency for Solar Panels is quarterly. This properly maximizes the efficacy of your Solar Panels. We utilize water fed Tucker Poles delivering de-ionized soft water with special soft bristle brushes designed for Solar Panels. Sometimes we are positioned on the ridge of the roof and some times from the ground. Talk to our experts Martyn Howse and Alex Howse to discuss and schedule your Solar Panel Cleaning.

cleaning solar panel from the ground cleaning solar panel from a ladder